Please mind the gap

In the gap between the meetings for our store (State of Style) and with London on our mind, we somehow managed to meet with our blogging squad Adriana KuprešakHolly Style & Glenn Blau. Make sure you check them out!


“Clothes are a representation of someones attitude and the way the person feels on a specific day.”

The thing we miss not only in Zagreb, but in whole Croatia is freedom. Most of the people just worry too much what will others say/think so they follow the rules and don’t express themselves through clothes. We simply wanted to rock the stage, so we combined the band T-shirts  with jeans and silk pants, and the leopard shoes from HOGL are to die for + now on 50% off!

*You can see how we combined them for different occasions on our instagram profile.

The thing with the State of Style concept is for the ones who wants to stand out & think outside the box. 10 more days untill the opening #cantwait and we will ship world wide!






Urban Watch

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