Sex and the city (CRO version)

Remember these names because we are about to make something new in the world of fashion bloggers ;

Adriana , Holly ,Andriana & even though Leonarda is not on the pics (stupid flu) count on her too 😉

Love, love, love how different style we all have and still make a hell of a squad!



The common thing was that all of us were wearing Croatian design ( you know us 2,but this time we sent girls straight to Dboxx concept store to find unique pieces ).

Adriana, a super sexy blondie, fell in love with little black YUNIKU dress and BLACKPEARL choker was a great detail that made the whole outfit even hotter!

Holly, adorable perfectionist who always finds sth special in mom’s closet (this time it was LEVI’S denim jacket) felt the best in wonderful BLACKPEARL dress.

And there’s me…wearing my favourite designer head to, well ,almost a toe (shoes are HÖGL ) ROBERT SEVER ! The clothes you wear describes you the best and this combination of street style & classy look has my name written all over!

You could see on our instagram profile that this jacket is to die for! Fits in every combination 😀


Denim rulezzz

This time we had a whole army behind us that helped us look fab on Elle Style Awards. Thank you STUDIO “B” for making us a hairstyle that even a bad weather couldn’t ruin and VESNNA for more than amazing make up! pic-21



VIKTORIJA special thanks goes to you for taking such a great shots!  ❤


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