Sisters time

While thinking about the perfect headline, we realised that this is how our coffee /tea time looks like. Always matching our outfits and combining it in two different ways got us to the one of the main ideas of our blog. It all started 6months ago and we can’t believe how quickly everything was growing!

Managing our first collaborations was not an easy task, but we were so happy that people recognised our goal and started to support us. We wanted to promote Croatian brands, designers and young creatives and now we have also expand collaborations  within Bosnia&Herzegovina what is beyond every expectations.

For any business enquiry feel free to send us an e-mail : 

In this post we are wearing adorable dresses by  I.J.Design and truly amazing  shoes&clutch HÖGL Shoe Fashion – Croatia!






Special thanks to our photographer  Emanuell Mancy and MUA  Tenna Mutna ,without them this and next posts wouldn’t be possible!


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