Few crazy days are behind us.5 days long Bipa fashion week full of amazing Croatian designers was the best one so far.

First day was Envy Room show and we saw how leather black dress may also be elegant and in the same time adorable.

eNVy room (62)

Second day was definitely our favourite! Our dear friend,Robert Sever made us feel like it is summer already.Angie Collection is full of bright colours and flower patterns so we can’t wait to wear it.1_840_472

Third day was full of different designers but we loved Aman the most. Chic & elegant look works always.6_840_472

Fourth day was Elfs show and it felt like we were in a fairytale. If you are looking for a prom dress or for a similar occasion,definitely  check them out.


And what did we wore these days?

Day 01

Robert Sever head to toe (dress,parka and crowns)


Day 02

Robert Sever dress and jumpsuit,crowns and H&MxBalmain heels

Day 03

FullSizeRender (7)
Lukabu pompon skirt,Carol coat,MaraD heels

Day 04

IMG_8228 (5)
Jat Lag blouse and shirt,Yuniku leather skirt,Flower power hair ornament,MOA baggeek clutch,Robert Sever coat

Special thanks are going to Robert Sever and Dboxx Concept Store for helping us choose the perfect outfits.


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