must have: BOMBER JACKET

Hi guys,we want to add new category in our blog and that is What to wear,where to buy. We will try to find every trend for affordable price,in different store brands.Even if it is designer clothes and the price is reasonable you can find it right here.

This super trend with bomber jacket is our weekly must have! Check out the gallery with our favourites. It is fascinating how many different looks you can get with the one(if it’s the right one) jacket. Ours are from STRADIVARIUS.We wanted to have a simple one,but now, for sure one from the gallery (or even two! ) will be ours soon.

Links are down below 🙂


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  1. Moram priznati da mi se sve više sviđa trend bomberica, a pogotovo otkako sam se sjetila da u ormaru imam jednu od brušene kože koju je još moja mana nosila kao studentica. Živjeli recikliranih trendovi! 😉

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