Dress 2 impress

Anywhere you go,at any special occasion the big question is what to wear? Then you say : “Ok,I will put on a dress and it will look elegant,simple as that.” But it is later when you figure out that  problems such as knee length or long one,or even maybe a cocktail dress arise. We prepared for you 6 different dresses for various types of personality & body shape and reaaally hope that you will recognize yourself and get inspired for the New Year’s Eve 2016 (could you believe that it is 2016 already?! we feel like we stuck in 2008 hahah)! Dresses are by our dear Ivana Jurić Design and we combined them with awesome jewellery form Mi Alma.

And hey if you are in Croatia,or want to come here and experience the greatest celebration of NYE you should check out the Ban Thai!                                             With the luxurious decoration, amazing performance & squad  the party is guaranteed!  

Check out the gallery 🙂

If you are looking for the colour that no one will wear it is green for sure! Everyone loves it but is afraid to rock in it! If you are skinny and tall as L take the long one! and if you want to highlight your curves and hide imperfections take the slim knee length 🙂
These dragon earrings sure makes you look like on fire! Don’t forget to make a perfect contour and put your hair up!
Don’t be afraid that you might look like a christmas tree if you put the red rouge! It will look sooo glamorous that you can’t imagine! P.s. With the good pair of earrings you don’t need anything else!



If you want to look glamorous without any special preparations take the red dress and you cannot go wrong. Simple and long for mature appearance or short one if you are not too serious,but playful and ready to party all night!
12339318_10206735262652355_3827006916240105253_o (1)
With red you can combine both gold & silver!


Can you guess the colour? 
The Royal Blue sure justifies it’s name so take it as an option!
Short with lace if you are going on really fancy celebration or long one with hugeeee cutout so your shoes are on fleek! (don’t worry if you think you don’t look good enough for that type of dress,be brave as A and shine! )




Special thanks to our photographer  Emanuell Mancy with team and MUA  Tenna Mutna ,without them this and next posts wouldn’t be possible!


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