The WonderLAnd

Can you believe that these photos are only 5days old?! It sure looks like we shoot them few moths ago since today the snow is falling…

The weather was sooo amazing that we got inspired immediately and wanted to shoot at a lovely place in Zagreb called Zrinjevac. The most influent part on our look had sky & leaves colour! We know that our dear  Robert SEVER always has what we need and while searching for suitable pieces we found these dresses. We love it when 2 similar dresses are describing our style (which is as you know very different) but in a same way has a lot of details in common (such as these Swarovski diamonds on shoulders). We can’t get enough of SEVER so we added this season must have detail – the crown.

Now scroll down and check the WonderLAnd in the way we see it!

IMG_7105IMG_7113 kopijaIMG_7131IMG_7151IMG_7155IMG_7160


Our talented MUA is making custom made tea cups called Wanna Mug? at great price and you can order it from facebook page. We recommend you our favourite detox tea from S.fresh it is called New Body Tea 🙂


  1. Not to be rude, but you should really proofread your blog. There are many grammatical errors making your blog look unprofessional even though your gallery is pretty good. For example, instead of “looks like we shoot few months ago”, it should be “looks like we shot them (the pics) a few months ago”. Also, you can’t write style of us, it should be “our style”. You shouldn’t have written “to shoot at lovely place in Zagreb” but “to shoot at a lovely place in Zagreb.” Try running your blogs through some proofreading app before posting them. Other than that, great work, keep it up.


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