What to wear on halloween is the top question this week. We were thinking A LOT how to create something cool but inexpensive and arguing about the theme… While searching for outfit in our closet, we found old shirt bought in 2014 when Croatian football team played  FIFA World Cup in Brasil. Looking backwards,we didn’t want to spend money on jersey, so our plan B was to find a shirt which had something connected to football on it. On this cute crop top is sign GOAL,so it was the perfect match. When we saw it the decision was made. Pop art will be our halloween theme! Brainstorming the pop art term we were thinking about comics,dots and all those POP! BOOOOM! UHH… POW! signs,so we took paper, pen and straws and made matching props. Intensive makeup combined with denim seemed to be good option for whole outfit.

We hope you got inspired,feel free to send us your halloween ideas on our facebook page and the best one will be awarded!






Special thanks to our photographer  Emanuell Mancy with team and MUA  Tenna Mutna ,without them this and next posts wouldn’t be possible!


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